About Chess-Mind.com

This site was originally developped for an end of year school asignment, at HECE ISAT (Haute École Charleroi Europe, Institut Supérieur des Aumôniers du Travail) in Charleroi, Belgium.

After some discussion, we decided to make something a little bit more fun than a common account managing programme for a fictive company. To us, such a programme could only be more interesting to do :-) We finally choose a Java chess game and, as you can see, we did it!

First things first, we would like to thank our school, where we had a lot of fun those last 3 years, even if we had to work, too :-)
And we don't forget our teachers, who helped us achieve out project, and without who the school wouldn't be what it is.

We also would like to thank:

  • Jocelyne and Bernard Lequeux, for their hospitality
  • Noctis Software, for their framework and their hosting server
  • Damien "Theneodelta", for helping us with the site design
  • FAMFAMFAM, for the icons, of course
  • Nescafé™ and Oasis™, beacause, honestly, we wouldn't be there without them! ;-)

The Chess-Mind team (from left to right):

Ze team ^^
  • Benoît "lg2dc" Dumont de Chassart
  • David "Niki" Roulet
  • Manuel "Manu" Anquetil
  • Julien "Lagosran" Lequeux

People from who we had help:

  • Bernhard von Gunten, by letting us use his A.I. chess engine, Tiffanys
  • hayalperest, who translated the game itself in Turkish
  • All of you that reported bugs and missing features of Chess-Mind :-)