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1.   montignien  1939
2.   benduCEA  1933
3.   Pharmaboy  1891
4.   vdz  1847
5.   COCO13RA  1821
6.   Fabrice33  1810
7.   cuiseid  1802
8.   Starfighter  1789
9.   Hisoka  1768
10.   gasby  1752

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2009/01/30 — Since the last update, some people have trouble connecting to the game: don't worry!

news Since the last update, some people have reported that they cannot connect to the game anymore. It seems that JAVA WebStart automatic update system doesn't work the way we thought it would, but don't worry, there is a solution to this problem: More information...

2009/01/17 — Happy new year!

Even though we didn't upgrade the game for a long time, we did a lot of work behind the scenes.
Now, with the start of this new year, we decided it is time to release our latest updates into the wild!
All the changes (and there are lots of it!) for this version (v0.9.6.x) and for the website itself can be found in the changelog.
More information...

2008/03/17 — Chess-Mind.com is an easy and free way to play chess online!

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